Coin System

How to purchase Coins?

Purchase Coins on the counter of any eSport Arena. After the purchase, they will automatically be added to your account. Coins are used for gaming in eSport Arena, but they are also used to unlock many bonuses and awards! You can also get Coins with a number of promotions, discounts and offers with partners.

How long can I play?

Calculate how long you will be able to play on eSport Arena Playtime Calculator down below. Choose one of the locations, your desired Coin Bundle, and your Level (if you are not registered yet your Level is “Noob”). You Rate may vary due to discounts or changed Bonuses.

Act faster, become a Master

As you play, every minute your Coins turn into your Experience. The Experience you gather in the last thirty days determines your Level. There are five Levels. They determine your Rate. Base Rate is same for everyone, but the more you play the lower your Rate gets. You can track your progress right from the eSport Arena GO application or on any computer in any eSport Arena.

See current rate

eSport on the GO

Free eSport Arena smartphone application lets you track your progress, see real-time Rate and Level changes, receive notifications about your purchases, achievements and even mined Coins. Join our community and connect with other gamers. Download eSport Arena GO application to your smartphone.

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