Child Protection


Child Protection

Friendly Fire takes into account all the problems associated with uncontrolled play in children and can lead to addiction, dropping out and the like.

Our goal is for kids at the Friendly Fire Esports Arena to develop a competitive (sports) spirit, make new friends with whom they share common interests, and spend a pleasant time in a safe place trusted by their guardians.

In cooperation with German and Austrian youth protection offices, we have developed a system for the protection of minors that safely and easily protects your children and allows you, as a legal guardian, to fully supervise and supervise your children during their stay in our arenas.

The system allows guardians:

  • Online registration and parenting and child account verification
  • Special settings for each location (Esports Arena)
  • Restricting the playing time of children
  • Defining the permissible game periods for the weekdays
  • Permission or ban for individual games
  • Permission or prohibition to purchase individual products (juices, snacks, chocolates)
  • Overview of all comings and goings in the arena
  • Fixed game costs for children

Already existing users

Child Protection Register

If your children are already registered under the old system in the Friendly Fire Esports Arena, you can apply for their entry into the youth protection system.

Child Protection Shield

It is possible to protect children up to the age of 16 years. After the 16th birthday they automatically leave the child protection system.

Child Protection Lock

Only if you agree as a guardian, children can leave the child protection system before their 16th birthday or register without the child protection.

Basic settings

To make sure that the children are protected, we have made the initial settings recommended by the youth protection office so that they are safe.

When you register, these settings are already activated to make the process easier to complete.

For all inquiries we are at your disposal.

We hope that we justify your trust and that your children's stay in our Esports Arena will have a positive effect on you and will be remembered!