Download Friendly Fire app from the App store or Play Store and connect with the rest of the community.

The best way to connect

We’ve wanted to give you even more insight into your progress in eSport Arena, so we decided to completely redesign the application. Making it the primary media for all eSport Arena related information, with a simple installation you will be able to see all details needed to become a Master!

eSport on the GO

Redesigned interface gives you more insight into your progress. We’ve displayed information like current Rate, Rate Timeline, Bonuses and what makes them etc. With notifications, you will always be alerted of a Level change, low amount of Coins and special offers.

Master Lane

By tapping on the Level image in the upper-left corner, you proceed onto a Master Lane screen – a detailed description of your Master journey. Estimated Rates, Level Experience and other valuable information are visually displayed and will help you in your eSport Arena development.



Everyday happenings for everyone

With daily events, we are creating a chance to meet other members and gamers. You will be able to see upcoming events right from your eSport Arena GO application and even check-in to let others know you are coming.

Follow your fellow gamer friends

Our goal is to establish a strong gaming community and for that reason, we are introducing our first step to eSport Arena social network we are trying to create. You can see the list of Master Gamers and with a little effort maybe your name comes up on the list.