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4 countries | 10 locations | 500+ events | 70k+ members | 2M+ hours played

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1st review: "The best place to hang out, I LOVE Friendly Fire!

I met a ton of new friends here, earned a lot of coins and won a lot of tournaments.

The best part is that prices are VERY AFFORDABLE!!

2nd review: "I tough I'm not good enough but after I started visiting Friendly Fire

I climbed from Silver to Diamond and I keep improving. Folks there are fantastic,

I really enjoy spending my free time there.

3rd review: "Girls working in Friendly Fire are the best! They are so cute and helpful,

I think I'm in love <3"

4th review: "Friendly Fire system is so good, once you understand it it really

becomes a joy to complete all of those achievements and get free stuff.

My hourly rate is very low now, it's almost free to play. Can't wait until I become a legend!"

5th review: "CSGO tournament was a blast! I was amazing experience to play against

a team in a different country and win! See you soon again GGWP!

6th review: "I think I spend more time in Friendly Fire than at home :)))"

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oe24, Jutarnji List, Netokracija,

How it works?

Just visit the closest Friendly Fire

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Have questions?

What is Friendly Fire?

Friendly Fire is an international gaming cafe franchise with 10 locations in 4 countries. It is a place for gamers who like to play with others, compete, improve, win and have a great time in a welcoming atmosphere created by our community.

Do I need to download the App first?

It’s not required but we recommend it. Also, you can claim some free Coins and free playtime when downloading the App for the first time.

How much will it cost?

It will be FREE for your first visit.

Friendly Fire is known as a place where gaming is affordable to anyone! Pricing is dynamic and you can check exact prices for your location in the App.

Where is the closest Friendly Fire?

Check the location list here.

Can I come alone?

Sure, our staff will make sure you meet new friends to play with once you are there!

Are girls welcome?

For sure! We are very proud of our community and a lot of girls play at Friendly Fire! Make sure you check your location in the App, there might be some promotions for girls only!

There is no Friendly Fire nearby!

Make sure you spread the word about the Friendly Fire franchise! Check more details here.

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Discover your new favorite place

Every day 1000+ gamers visit their local Friendly Fire.

This number grows every day since we opened our first location.

Meet. Compete. Win. Repeat.

Book your seat in the App and skip the waiting line! (I'm not sure about this one)

Competitive gaming for all skill levels

Leagues, tournaments, LAN parties

You don't need to be a Ninja or Shroud to enjoy competing in Friendly Fire.

We bring esports experience to anyone!

How is that so?

Because Friendly Fire is a place where local games gather.

Their skills are similar to yours.

Probably, you are even better.

We can guarantee you two things:

You will have fun and you will improve your skill level!

Every Friendly Fire has its own esports team.

There are 4 Friendly Fire League Seasons in 5 different games with 200+ participants every year.

Become a part of your local esports team now —>

Fancy one-day tournaments or casual LAN party events?

Prove your point and show your skills at Friendly Fire.

Check tournament schedule and apply —>

Level up your game with our PRO Gear.

Never compromise on the quality of gear you play on.

We spent 3 years in perfecting Friendly Fire Gear.

Every bit of that equipment was designed to give you an edge over competition.

Feel its comfort and discover the precision in every Friendly Fire.

Check our shop and get it for yourself —>

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We pledged to keep Friendly Fire accessible to everyone.

This includes our Gear.

How we did it?

By cutting the middleman and selling directly to you.

You are our only advertising channel.

Thank you <3

Read more about it on our blog —> (once we write this article)

Friendly Fire on your phone.

Easy and fast way to track your progress, connect with friends, collect rewards, make reservations and much more!

Over 80% of Friendly Fire members considers the App to be very useful.

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Collect rewards that actually matter.

Tired of pointless loyalty programs with worthless rewards?

So we are.

By using Friendly Fire App, you can get over 30% money back!

Where is the catch?

Well, there is no catch, it's true.

Complete quests and receive chests.

Open chests and receive coins and potions.

Collect skill points by completing achievements.

Use skill points to wisely choose upgrades in your skill tree.

Confused? Just open our App and claim your first reward —>

Did you know?

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1) Worldwide, about 20% of Friendly Fire customers are girls and this number increases every year. Read more about it on our blog post ->

2) Frist Friendly Fire was opened in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2017. Check out history here ->

3) Friendly Fire was called eSport Arena when it was founded. Name was changed in 2019. Check out history here ->

4) Every year, Friendly Fire pays out $10k+ of prize money for various events. Learn more about esports competitions in Friendly Fire ->

5) First Friendly Fire on western hemisphere will be opened in Mexico City. Read more about it on our blog post ->

6) Friendly Fire has it's own Gear lineup - chair, keyboard, headset, mouse and mousepad. Check them out here ->

7) Prices in Friendly Fire are formed dynamically. Hourly rate is depending on the demand and your bonus. You can check it anytime in the App. Read more about it —>