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It's not a niche anymore.

8/10 Gen Z are gamers.

Join the industry growing 20% year-over-year with the business you will enjoy running. Don't miss out on capturing the market in the early stage.

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Relax and grab a drink. We will explain everything.

International gaming cafe franchise

Think of Starbucks, but with a lot of computers and consoles.

And more social interactions between visitors.

And energy drinks instead of coffee.

And more fun.

Friendly Fire is to Gen Z what Starbucks is to Millennials.

The place to hang out.

What is Friendly Fire?

Everyone has a gaming device at home now.

Same as everyone has a coffee machine at home.

Still, you go to a bar.

It's not about coffee.

It's about spending time with friends.

It's not about games.

It's about spending time with friends.

Do people really visit gaming cafes nowadays?

"Of course you can play at home. You can also drink a beer at home. But I prefer to drink my beer in a bar with my friends. In the same way, I prefer to play with my friends at Friendly Fire."

- David Kosir
Founder of Friendly Fire

Here is an average experience of your new customer.

Make sure to watch it till the end!

Show me how it looks like!

The process is fast and simple:

1. Apply for the Friendly Fire franchise (it will take 3 minutes)

2. We will set up a call and talk about the details.

3. If we match, you can open your Friendly Fire in less than 3 months!

Apply to have your own Friendly Fire —>

How can I get the Friendly Fire franchise?

All good things start with a dream.

David founded Friendly Fire in 2017 with a dream to become McDonald's of the gaming world. A franchise in every corner of the planet.

The first location was opened in Zagreb, Croatia in 2017 and was a huge hit. Not long after, more locations started to pop around and David started to franchise the concept in 2018.

Friendly Fire somehow survived the infamous COVID pandemic and now it's on a mission to become the worlds leading gaming cafe franchise.

We currently have 10 locations in 4 countries and over 30 locations are planned to open by the end of 2023.

Friendly Fire Story

Meet our team.

These are the people you will be working with and learning from.

Who are you?

David Kosir

Founder and CEO

Hands-on founder

shaping the brand

from the start. Pragmatic leader that is always available.


Andy Čolak


Owner of successful

Surf'n'Fries franchise

with 100+ locations


Mario Čutura

Franchise Operations

Something about Mario

Dino Kovačević

Franchise Training

Something about Dino

Forget about complicated old-fashioned franchise systems.

Simple day-to-day operations in Friendly Fire will be a joy.

Here are 4 key elements in operations that make owning a Friendly Fire franchise an easy and smooth experience.

1. Only a few employees

A manager and a couple of part-time employees are all it takes to run the Friendly Fire franchise.

Also, you will never have problems with finding employees as working in Friendly Fire is every student's dream job.

Onboarding new employees? Just let them watch the training videos and they will be ready in no time. You can feel the envy of QSR franchisees.

2. Low operation costs

Since over 70% of revenues come from the services you provide and you hire only a few employees, at the end of the month there will not be much to pay, aside from rent, utilities and salaries

This does wonder to your cash flow.

3. You don't need to be present full time

We know you will enjoy being a visitor in your Friendly Fire, but there is no real need to spend all of your time in one location as the vast majority of tasks will be on autopilot.

4. Software will do the hard work for you

Imagine all the software and hardware you need to maintain. More than 50 computers with all the drivers and games that need updates and all the mess you need to clean after your customers. With Friendly Fire, the only mess you will need to deal with is cans of drinks staying behind your happy customers. Everything else will be dealt with by our powerful software.

What will my day-to-day operations look like?

Friendly Fire is all about the software that helps you run the operations.

Software is a key component in Friendly Fire DNA.

Learn how software works here —>

At the heart of our software are machine learning algorithms that run through the massive amounts of data we collect.

This allows us to match similar customers, create customized push notifications, automatically adjust dynamic prices, personalize offers, make short-term predictions, and much more.

Friendly Fire software is made from over 20 different modules working together to create a smooth experience and easy operations.

You will learn all about them later. Now, let's focus on 3 most important for your operations:

1) Dynamic Pricing

Remember how Uber is more expensive when it rains?

Do you happen to collect miles with your favorite airline too?

Friendly Fire combines all of that into a fully dynamic pricing model that is influenced by both the demand and customer loyalty points.

We did it by inventing the Coin.

It is our virtual currency that replaced time and money.

You heard the story of how there are no clocks in casinos.

We don't relate to gambling, but we know how to remove friction from the experience of spending time and money in Friendly Fire.

We don't talk about price per hour anymore.

We talk about collecting coins and how we had a lot of fun doing it!

2) App

Interact with your customers when they are not in Friendly Fire.

Remind them about Friendly Fire all the time.

Send them a notification, for free.

Or just let our AI send them a notification at the perfect moment, just as they are about to finish school for today.

Over 75% of Friendly Fire customers will have the App installed.

Less than 4% of hotel guests will install the hotel's app.

Find out why in less than minute by downloading it —>

The most valuable real estate in the world is an icon on your customers' phone home screen. We make sure we are there.

3) Loyalty program

Digital age customers hate old-fashioned loyalty programs.

The reason for this is that loyalty programs are designed after the product and pricing were formed, pretending that they are rewarding customers while trying to take more from them.

In Friendly Fire, we took a different approach.

We designed the whole system around the loyalty program.

Basically, the software will make sure customers are treated when they should and exactly how much they should.

There is no need for your manager or employee to worry about it.

Average Friendly Fire revenues got 20% higher after we introduced the loyalty program in 2018. Since then, we only kept improving and balancing it.

Want to try it yourself? Just open our App and claim your first reward —>

What is so special about this software?

Supporting you is our top priority.

Your success is our success.

Your failure is our failure.

Our mission is to have profitable and satisfied franchisees.

That's why we encourage you to talk to our existing franchisees and ask them about their experiences. It's easy to reach them by checking our list of locations and giving them a call or writing them an email.

Our support is present throughout your entire Friendly Fire journey.

Here is a breakdown of what it typically looks like:

1) Startup assistance

We have been there, done that.

We know exactly where you will need our help.

After we agree on a perfect location, we start with 2D and 3D prototypes and a checklist of all requirements.

We will walk you through every step and get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2) Training

You will be confident in running your operations from day one.

It is easy to learn the basic operations in Friendly Fire. That is why we prepared a series of training videos that your employees will use to prepare for work.

But for you, videos will not be enough to master all the details and secrets we have learned over the years.

That is why we start with training at our facilities, follow up with pre-opening training at your site, and finish with post-opening instruction.

We do not let you go until we are confident you can handle everything without us.

3) Technical Support

A dedicated staff member is available 24/7, no matter what issues you may have.

You will have a direct phone and chat connection so our support staff can help you in seconds.

Also, our technicians can access your systems remotely and resolve issues quickly.

While you will be running a complex system of many interconnected high-tech devices, it will be child's play to maintain it thanks to our automation within the software and our great support team.

4) Marketing

You will have all the tools needed to run successful marketing campaigns that will bring in new customers.

We will teach you what is the most effective way of spending marketing money and how to get the best return on it.

Once you have your system up and running, you'll have ongoing support from our marketing team, no matter what you need.

Need a new design for your Instagram story?

Need help with creating flyers?

Don't know how to target an audience with ads?

Would like to make a tournament but don't know how?

That is why we are here!

Also, you will participate and benefit from all the leagues, tournaments, events, and contests we organize at the franchise level.

What support will I receive?

It will take 3 minutes of your time.

We promise to get back to you in a day.

If we match, you can get your Friendly Fire open in less than 3 months.

Apply to have your own Friendly Fire —>

Ready for the future? Apply now!


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